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`We can do a better job’

George Mitchell didn’t set out to build a better city or redefine the American suburb. Having made some money in the energy business, he began buying real estate to diversify his interests. But he also became increasingly aware of social … Continue reading

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Fracking’s Graceland

It doesn’t look like the starting point for a revolution, but this well, the C.W. Slay #1, is where America’s energy renaissance began. The C.W. Slay #1 was the first well drilled into the Barnett Shale in 1981 by Mitchell … Continue reading

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What Happens When a Houston Energy Guru Messes With the Power Grid?

Russell Gold, The Wall Street Journal’s pre-eminent energy reporter, has a new book about Houston wind energy pioneer Michael Skelly and his efforts to modernize the power grid. I reviewed Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy, on the Texas Monthly … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of Life at Sea, Circa 1943

I’m excited about a new project I’ve just unveiled on my website — a page devoted to World War II photos my father took during his time in the Navy. I got the idea around Veteran’s Day, when many of … Continue reading

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That old familiar staccato of keys striking paper

My writing career began after the dawn of word processors, so I have never written anything of consequence on a typewriter. I found myself reflecting on the role of the typewriter in my own writing career after reading actor Tom … Continue reading

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It’s official: I’m an economic contributor

Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but as of this week, I can be counted among those who contribute to the growth of the economy. The U.S. Commerce Department will adjust its criteria for measuring the growth of the … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Publisher’s Weekly just put out its list of the “10 Worst Dads in Books,” which seems like bad timing just before Father’s Day. While the article notes that “bad dads turn up less in fiction than bad moms,” the issue … Continue reading

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