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Mirror Images: George and Cynthia

George Mitchell is known for perfecting the drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and for his pioneering work in sustainable development. Less well-known is his support for Big Science late in his life. As a boy growing up … Continue reading

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`We can do a better job’

George Mitchell didn’t set out to build a better city or redefine the American suburb. Having made some money in the energy business, he began buying real estate to diversify his interests. But he also became increasingly aware of social … Continue reading

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The problem with software

The software industry loves to talk about “solutions.” It’s not clear whose problems some software makers think they’re solving. For years, I have used a program called Evernote, which syncs notes, webpages, photos and other things you want to save … Continue reading

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Radio Shack’s got problems. No one seems to have answers.

In the latest edition of Texas Monthly,  I discuss the long, slow decline of Radio Shack and take a look at the retailer’s grim prospects for the future. Radio Shack is one of those iconic stores that played a big role in … Continue reading

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Is the Free Market Slowing Down Your Internet?

When you compare the price that most Americans pay for Internet service, and the speeds they receive for that price, the U.S. is far from a leader in deploying the most important utility of the 21st century. The New York … Continue reading

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Wyly Slapped with “Staggering” Sanction

Back in June I wrote about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s must-win case against Dallas businessman Sam Wyly. Well, win the SEC did, and now a federal judge has slapped penalties of more than $300 million on Wyly and the … Continue reading

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Patent trolls of the Piney Woods

In my latest Texas Monthly column, I discuss how the tiny East Texas town of Marshall became a haven for patent trolls. One of the few things that Barack Obama and Antonin Scalia may agree on is that Marshall may … Continue reading

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