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Exposing the dark secrets of Texas’ wholesale power market

One of the darkest secrets of Texas’ so-called deregulated electricity system, which is now almost 20 years old, is the wholesale power market. Wholesale prices fluctuate rapidly, and they affect prices that retailers must pay to get electricity from generators. … Continue reading

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What Happens When a Houston Energy Guru Messes With the Power Grid?

Russell Gold, The Wall Street Journal’s pre-eminent energy reporter, has a new book about Houston wind energy pioneer Michael Skelly and his efforts to modernize the power grid. I reviewed Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy, on the Texas Monthly … Continue reading

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Why It Will Take More Than Bass’s Billion to Fix Blue Bell

Fort Worth billionaire Sid Bass is reportedly pumping $125 million into Blue Bell Creameries, a move that will enable the iconic Texas ice cream maker to return to full production and may give Bass one-third ownership in the 108-year-old, family-run … Continue reading

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Blowing the Whistle on the Mortgage Crisis

In Texas, we tend to think that the mortgage crisis happened somewhere else. But one of the first warnings came from a manager in the Plano-based appraisal division of Countrywide Financial. Kyle Lagow’s concerns about Countrywide’s mortgage practices eventually cost … Continue reading

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Margin of Error: Why Everyone Hates the Texas Business Tax

How did a state like Texas, which views all taxes with disdain, wind up with a tax like the one it levies on business? This tax is so bad that few other states that adopted one like it kept it … Continue reading

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What’s Happening With Oil Prices?

That’s a question a lot of people are asking these days. Crude prices have tumbled more than 50 percent since last summer, and we now seem to be in the teeth of a full-scale oil bust. Last week, I talked … Continue reading

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Get Uber It

In almost every city it’s entered, the car-hailing service Uber has met with controversy. One of the few exceptions has been Lubbock, and in the latest issue of Texas Monthly, I explain why:  Last February, after Uber, the app-based ride-sharing … Continue reading

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